Hello, today we are going to talk about Zoom Customer Care. Zoom is an online Meeting Application that everyone will know. You can take online Classes in the Zoom meeting Application. You can do an online meeting and do many things.

Cloud means you can create a meeting by staying in different locations. And by visiting a different place, you can share the screen with your Mobile. And at the same time, you can send files to them, video chat and there are many other things that you can do.

Zoom Technical Support

As our world comes together to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Zoom Support Center has continued to operate 24x7 globally to support to Zoom’s Customers through this unprecedented period. Given increased usage from Businesses small and large and exponentially growing demand from the education and healthcare sectors, we have experienced an unexpected surge in Support requests.

 Zoom Customer Care 

Free Account users and end-users of any account will only be able to access online resources and chatbots.
Licensed users and Owners/ Administrators of Pro accounts will report support tickets to Zoom by online submission.
Owners and Administrators of Bussiness, Education, Enterprise or API accounts will report support tickets to Zoom by:
Online Submission

Country-wise Zoom Customer Care Numbers

  • US :- +1 888 799 9666
  • AU :- +61 1800 768 027
  • FR  :- +33 800 94 64 64
  • IN  :-   000 800 050 2040
  • JP  :- +81 053 132 0070
  • NZ :- +64 800 475 039
  • SG :- +65 800 321 1249
  • UK :- +44 800 368 7314 OR +44 20 7039 8961

Support Hours

Support Hours are 24x7, including public holidays, where agents or technical Engineers are available for web, chat, and phone support. When a Support ticket is initiated with Zoom’s Technical Support team, it will be classified according to the following priority levels.
The Service is Down operation of the Service is severely degraded, or there is a critical impact to the Service due to a fault with the network or other software Functions. Zoom will provide necessary resources around the clock to resolve this situation.

Our Commitment To Our Customers
Zoom created nearly 10 years ago to build a better video communication platform and simplify how peoples communicate. We believe every business has the social responsibility to contribute back to the community and to society, and it’s critically important during times of Crisis. 
with this tenet in mind & the zoom is doing everything they can do to provide resources and support to those harmful coronavirus outbreaks, including :
  • for our primary (free) user in China, they lifted 40-minutes limit meetings with more than two participants, providing unlimited time to collaborate.
  • We are proactively monitoring servers to ensure maximum reliability amind any capacity increases, as uptime is paramount.
Use At Affected Areas
Zoom gives people the ability to collaborate using the devices they already have and provides multiple channels of communication when travelling and connectivity are limited. Here are some of the ways zoom has been put into action in china during the outbreak.
  • Mental health training: zoom has provided free services and technical support to NGOs such as charitable foundation and medical institution, to assist with disaster relief efforts. Beijing well-being a foundation. One of those NGOs, in partnership with phycology professor, form top university including Qinghua, are using zoom webinars to train thousands of mental health counsellors and prepare them for phycological consultations with doctors patients and their families in Wuhan. Form Jan. 29 to Feb. 25
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