Informative how to port BSNL to Airtel 2022

Yes, you have a BSNL sim in which you’re not getting a network. or it is your favorite number that you want to convert in VI, JIO, or Airtel So today we will talk about how to port BSNL to Airtel , all BSNL Customers do this for port BSNL to airtel.

First of all, you have to recharge on BSNL for sending SMS to Company. you have to take permission from your BSNL company to I am taking my number to another company. for you have to step given below.

Send SMS how to port BSNL to Airtel

lets see how to port BSNL to Airtel First of all, you have to Send a message from your BSNL SIM open your Message box and type SMS like below

PORT (Your BSNL number) send 1900

in this, you have to follow the given steps like wringing the PORT ( must type in the capital ) in your message box then type your BSNL number and send it 1900. (Must you have a BSNL balance for the message sent )

UPC Code For port BSNL to Airtel

You will receive a message after the message is sent, you have got the UPC code in it and given the expiry date of the UPC code. you have to put that code in your phone.

Visit your near Mobile Shop to PORT BSNL to Airtel

Now you cannot take your sim to another company by yourself, you have to take help of a mobile shop. after that, you have to tell them that you have to take this sim in Airtel.

Now they will open his official Mitra app and they will convert your sim to Airtel. for this, you have to give your government-approved ID Voter id, Adhar card, driving license, etc. you will get a confirmation message on your alternate number. the shop owner will charge you a nominal charge for the service they have provided. now shop oner will give you airtel sim which will come from BSNL to airtel.

SIM activation in Airtel

Your sim will take 4 to 6 days to port from BSNL to Airtel. as soon as it comes from BSNL to Airtel, an information message will come on your alternate mobile number. now you have to insert the sim in your smartphone that was given to you by the shop owner. now, as soon as airtel’s network comes in your smartphone after that to do KYC you have to call 59059 whares your name your birth date will be confirmed by you for security purposes. and if the shop owner has used your fingerprint while prosses for port BSNL to airtel then you will not do anything. your sim will be activated automatically in 15 minutes.

your incoming calls outgoing calls your data all services will be activated you can use anything.

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