Hey everyone Today We showing You How to Deactivate BSNL Caller tune. this way your caller tune will be deactivated, all BSNL Customers do this for caller tune deactivation.

Three ways to Deactivate BSNL caller Tune

BSNL has to way to deactivate BSNL caller tune the first way you have to call BSNL or the second way Send SMS to BSNL or you cal also deactivate with BSNL app that will solve your problem. Let’s See how to do.

Deactivate BSNL caller tune By call

first of all, you have to call from your BSNL sim, Now you have to call 56700 now your phone will be connected n BSNL now you will be told that you have to press 1 and turn off the BSNL caller tune. when you give confirmation of your BSNL caller tune will be deactivated in a few minutes. but you have to do it through SMS then you have to read the following paragraph.

Deactivate BSNL caller tune By by SMS

now you have to open your message Box on your smartphone then you have to write ( UNSUB ) then send it to 56700, now within a minute You will confirmation Message from BSNL for Deactivate your BSNL caller tune.

Deactivate BSNL caller tune By by SMS

Now you have to download the app from the play store whose app name is BSNL Caller tunes. Now you have to login into the app with BSNL number as soon as you are logged in you have to go to the activity menu. after that, you will see a caller tune that, you have to delete. now you will get a confirmation SMS From BSNL Which it will be written that your caller tune has been deactivated.

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